'Stay Cool Atama' Logo Navy/White Letterman Jacket

$200.00 On Sale

Spring 2015 Sale: 200$ down from 265$

The 'Stay Cool Atama' navy wool and white leather sleeves letterman jacket of the "Rebellious Loyal K.N.G." series features all hand-sewn construction from the ground up with our own tailored measurements for a slim and stylish fit, hand-picked sourcing of high quality leather and wool fabrics, and accented with unique Loyal K.N.G. trademark design cues. The back of our letterman features our slogan, "Daytime Dreamers, Late-night Hustlers", embroideries.

These exclusive Loyal K.N.G. letterman are limited to only 50 and once sold out will not be manufactured again.

Important note: Since all jackets come tailored (slim fitting), please size up one if you prefer a more loose-fitting jacket and if your body type is husky. Also these jackets are Dry-clean only, do not machine wash.

Any questions in regards to sizing please contact us here.

Catch our "Rebel to Society" (Dir. by Mauricio Lopez) short film featuring the story embedded in our Rebellious Loyal K.N.G. Letterman pieces: