Yr of Dragon Jersey

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The "Yr of Dragon" jersey is our take on the classic hockey jersey style streamlined with a more slim fit and our own designer take in details. Although the year 2015 is of the Goat, we designed this jersey to celebrate the year of the Dragon, hence the 88', also the birth year of our designer. Pulling inspiration from anime and Aztec dragon designs, this piece stands as a key item from our Spring 2015 release.

All details of this jersey from the cut, sizing and design are made from scratch and hand sewn with the most care to attention possible. All patches and graphic on the jerseys are embroidered for a higher-end jersey appeal. The unique cut and design of the jersey build was also designed uniquely to stand apart from any jersey on the market. This jersey style is uniquely Loyal K.N.G.

Sizing Note: Please size up one size for a regular fit. Jersey naturally fit slim.

Height 5'11"
Wearing size Medium

Yr of Dragon Jersey