Gravestein Bear (Navy/Purple/Black)


Gravestein Bear T-Shirt

This shirt is my way of taking the classic horror-story of giving a vicious bear intelligence to ravage the country-side with full-mental-prowess. However, the common choice of intelligence for implantation would be the human brain, but I wanted to take the source of intelligence in a more witty direction, which resulted in the apple, "the forbidden fruit of knowledge". Here's an interesting fact to note in the origin of this design's name, "Gravestein Bear": I used to be an avid fan of the "Bernstein Bears" books and one of my good friend pointed out that the word, "Gravestein", was actually a type of apple. So from that moment, we chose "Gravestein Bear" as the official title. Cool how things just falls in place, huh?

This tee was constructed, printed, and handled with care straight from the heart of America!

Printed on American Apparel.

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