"The Loyal K.N.G. x Hip-Hop Lifestyle"

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What we're all about here at the Loyal K*N*G

what is the "K.N.G.?"

What is a "Loyal K.N.G.?"

First let me give you the meaning to "Loyal." Loyal is a direct concept of Loyalty. The definition of loyalty is faithfulness or a devotion to a person or cause.

Who is a "Loyal K.N.G.?" "Loyal K.N.G." does not represent a person. "Loyal K.N.G." Represents a collaboration. It is the ideal image that we carry ourselves as. "Loyal K.N.G." more than anything is a Crew.

A Crew can be a group made up of closely knit friends that help each other grow mentally and spiritually. We are here to lift each other in all aspects of life. From our lifestyle, our ideas, our interests... and most importantly our knowledge. I, above all, admire the knowledge that all humans are capable of possessing and utilizing through each of our lives. Because at the root of existence, knowledge is the key to success in any area of life.

What is the meaning behind "K.N.G.?" K.N.G. stands for "Knowledge Never Goes." The bottom-line is that what we learn and gain in this life shall always be obscured through time... but Knowledge, the art of understanding, shall never go.

So I ask you. Are you a part of us? Are you with the "Loyal K.N.G.?"

Are you with the Crew?

are you for the cause?

Loyal K.N.G.'s "Love for Culture" Documentary